Commercial and recreational shrimping season in Georgia waters begins at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, June 16th, Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Mark Williams has said.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources says that waters from the state beaches to three miles out with be an open field to trawlers and cast nets for shrimp fisherman.

Monthly surveys conducted show the shrimp to be in line with historical averages and biologists feel comfortable beginning the season. They believe that most shrimp are of profitable size and will be valuable to commercial fisherman. These surveys set the shrimping season start date every year after review by the Shrimp Advisory Panel.

Shrimpers can trawl for shrimp beginning 30 minutes before sunrise and ending 30 minutes past sunset. Federal waters, which begin three miles out, are open for harvest 24/7.

Those with questions or concerns over whether equipment meets states and federal requirements are asked to call the National Marine Fisheries Service Protected Resources Division at 727-824-5312.